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It's been about a month since last post.  This is because we've been busy traveling and getting flu and passing it around in the house!
Mommy and I made first air travel without Dada.  I even had my own seat!  Mommy carried the car seat and all by herself.  She seemed to be really proud of this.
We did a lot of things.  I'm sharing only a portion of pictures here.  I had a blast with big doggies.  They run a lot faster  than my little doggies at home.  (great) Grandma took me to the zoo!  Loved it!  (great) Grandpa gave me a driving lesson on a tractor.  There's gradma helping me with my first tricycle ride.  AND, Papa showed me around the fire station he works.  Don't I look COOL?!
We then traveled over to where Dada is from for a wedding.  We stayed at a hotel with water park.  Water slide was FUN!  I even had chance to help Dada out with luggage.  I'll post more from this trip later.  Night night.

6/15/2022 08:01:29 pm

Appreciate this bloog post


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