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Dada took me and mama for a boat ride.  Lots of birds and saw some Iguanas, too! 
Go-go-go! I love going fast.  I had to close my eyes because dada was going so fast!

Mama told me that I took a nap on the boat, but I don't remember.........

My parents planted this cecropia tree for me a few years before I was born (I feel so special!).  Grandma was visiting me this weekend all the way from Japan, and she pushed me up so I can feel the leaves.  When I pull them, water falls from the leaf and I get a part of the leaf on my hand. Fun! 

Cecropia tree: grows very quickly in tropical climate. Leaves are very beautiful.  Veyr large hand-like shaped leaves are dark green on the front and back is white.   

So, today everyone called me "Superman".  To be honest, I have no idea what that is....oh well.  Dada tells me that I'm stronger than Batman.  Took me a bit to get used to having this red cloth follow me everywhere.  I hear it's called a cape.

Check out how fast I'm running!  Mama's camera can't even catch me.   

We visited the science museum today.  A long drive and it was really hot out.....
This science museum has lots and lots of balls, my favorite!  We also experienced hurricane wind, got on a weather channel, measured heart beats, saw birds who laughed very loudly.....oh, and he had no feathers on his body...I heard he was really old.  Lots of lots of stuff.  I ran around 

My favorite place, Palm Beach Zoo.  It's open on Friday nights.  On last night, Dada promised we'll go, so I would go to bed.  We went to the zoo after school.  We visited with little peacock babies.  Saw a sloth very close....did you know they have light yellowish brown eyes and they don't have white part....all brown.  I also danced here and there with live music.  I also rolled in mud.....I was tired.
Mama and Dada leave me lots of toys on the dining room table.  Now that I can sort of climb up on the chair on my own, I can get to the toys with out any help.  I am quite proud of myself.  [Just in case someone is wondering, I don't much care to wear clothes if I can avoid it.  The house is too warm for my liking, but mama gets cold easily.  Dada and I tolerate it, but it does get old.  I don't mean to be rude, but I do wear clothes when we go out. ]  Yesterday, I learned to change a large screen flash while Dada let me alone while he went to the bathroom.  He was really excited, I don't know why.  Today, I'm playing with much smaller toy with much smaller screen.  It's fasinating there are so many different types of toys.  I say "Hi" to each one, but only some of them rude!