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It was black Friday and my birthday!  Check out how my parents treated me!  Cake and toys! and more toys!  Dada filled my playroom with 200+ balloons.  
No pictures this weekend.  Mama and Dada are a bit busy this week.  At daycare,  I've been visiting big kids' class. It's fun!  I saw my good buddy, Bruce.  We had a big turkey lunch on Friday.  I loved it, but my teachers didn't seem to enjoy it too much.  All week,  Dada worked long hours even on Saturday.  Mama and I went for a walk on Sat. and got rained on.  Mama felt worse today; hence, no pictures.
The exciting news is my 2nd birthday! It's this Friday.  I'm a bit sad that I won't see my friends on my birthday....but, I'm sure Dada has a big plan. 
Stay tuned, I'll (hopefully) have lots of exciting things to share later this week!
This was a tough week.  Dada had to work long hours and Mama had to travel for work.  I missed them so much. 
Somehow, I did get close enough to them to get them sick though!  Mama took me to the zoo and the park.  I enjoy the nice seating....while crazy monkeys fought with each other!

Check me out driving a boat!  REAL  boat!!! on the intracoastal waterway.
Mama and I made a napkin holder for Thanksgiving at Home Depot. Don't I look adorable?  I even practiced helping a customer at the store!  After that, we had fun at the city park.
My second halloween.  This year I was Yoda (FYI, last year, I was a fireman and a giraffe....parents went crazy and bought me 2 outfits). My green lightsaber and of course my charm was a huge hit. The town had a nice party at the park. The clown got me a bag of popcorn and cotton candy. Popcorn is my new favorite snack.....cotton candy not so much.  We went around the neighborhood after this for trick or treating.  It was a blast!