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This week was School Spirit week.  Monday started with "wear your favorite team stuff" and one of the days were crazy hair day.  Check me out!  Dada does great job with hair.  This is definitely not Mama's cup of tea.  Of course, Mama was traveling, so Dada did his best following the crazy week's schedule.  "Thank you, Dada!" BTW, I wore Miami heat shirt on Monday because that was the only thing we could find on Sunday at Target...... Mama tells me she'll be making something special for me just in case t

It's been about a month since last post.  This is because we've been busy traveling and getting flu and passing it around in the house!
Mommy and I made first air travel without Dada.  I even had my own seat!  Mommy carried the car seat and all by herself.  She seemed to be really proud of this.
We did a lot of things.  I'm sharing only a portion of pictures here.  I had a blast with big doggies.  They run a lot faster  than my little doggies at home.  (great) Grandma took me to the zoo!  Loved it!  (great) Grandpa gave me a driving lesson on a tractor.  There's gradma helping me with my first tricycle ride.  AND, Papa showed me around the fire station he works.  Don't I look COOL?!
We then traveled over to where Dada is from for a wedding.  We stayed at a hotel with water park.  Water slide was FUN!  I even had chance to help Dada out with luggage.  I'll post more from this trip later.  Night night.