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"It is raining" I told Mom (this weekend I'm not calling her Mama). It's been raining all day long today.  We are all stuck inside of the house, not that I have any issues with that.  I got enough room to run run run!  I had lots of snacks and lots of play time with Dada and Mom.  See my blue lightsaber!  Dada has a green one.  It makes noise when I swing it around and when I turn in on.  Stormy days are not too bad.  Mom gets lots of water and snacks. She says it's just in case of Hurricane hitting us. The day ended with Dada getting me a Happy Meal.  I got monkey.  Of course, I didn't really get to eat the whole happy meal. Mom says it's not good for me.
We went out for Thai!
I had lots of fun looking under the table
& hiding.  I spread rice on the table, my chair, and floor!  Shumai was
pretty good.  I ate all 6.  a-Dada thought a-Mama ate them!  Oh, and I've
learned a goes in front of every word.
We went to a birthday party at this really cool place with a ton of kids running without shoes. They had bouncy houses. Dada and I bounced and bounced and bounced. Went down the slides more than I can count (yet). Everyone loved my cape. I was a Batman today!
We sang happy birthday....oh, I can carry a tune these days. I had 1.5 slices of cake and ice cream. and we went back bouncing! So exciting, I didn't want to leave!  I was so excited Ididn't even fall asleep in the car on the way home. Mama and dada kept saying "I'mso
So, today was a pretty cool day.  We went to the science museum. Saw lots of fish and balls! has wide wings like birds and it was bigger than dada! I met new friends, baby, too. 
Here's me climbing up the steps.  No idea why mama was so excited...... I was happy to climb up the steps!

Today, Brian came to our house. We did lots of kickie-kickies. I learned pull-pull, kickie and jump.
Oh it was FUN!.  I floated by myself.  I could hear mama and dada laugh. Not sure why. I was really trying to kickie and pull at the same time..... 

Later mama asked for more kickies and pulls. I got this down now!