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Another trip to Disney except this time Mommy was waiting for us in Orlando.  Unfortunately, Mommy got sick with flu, so she didn't have too much fun, but Dada and I did!  Dada bought me the bubble gun and it's so much fun!
Today we went to the Abacoa Green Market.  Mama had a booth with her friends from Illumbiance.  Of course, I met lots of girls and big doggies, but best of all, my favorite cake lady was next to us!  I picked a Red Velvet cake. Can you see how good it was from these photos?  I'm totally "running on sugar" all day long today!
Christmas was great.  Santa left me lots of boxes.  I learned how to unwrap presents! We all had quality time with each other including the doggies.  See me giving treats to the dogs in my Thomas chair (I got that for my birthday)?
I had many difficult moments.  I think Mama and Dada were tired of playing with me.......

We did fair amount of running around.  Went to the zoo twice, shopping, walks in the neighborhood, and playing t-ball ....and pretending to drive Dada's truck!  I look GOOD~