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This was another great weekend. Mama and I went to visit our friends at Illumbiance at the Abacoa Green Market on Saturday.  On Sunday, we went to downtown West Palm Beach to get pictures taken with my friend!  We played with bubbles and ran all over.  Of course, I took my blue car with us.  It was a little cold for Mama, but it was a great sunny day and perfect for photos.

This is me washing the truck wtih Dada last weekend.

This weekend we did so much.  Mama and I went to see Shrek downtown WPB on Friday night.  Saturday was the green market in Abacoa and a playdate.  AND on Sunday, I met a puppy!  I LOVE puppies.

Another trip to Disney except this time Mommy was waiting for us in Orlando.  Unfortunately, Mommy got sick with flu, so she didn't have too much fun, but Dada and I did!  Dada bought me the bubble gun and it's so much fun!
Today we went to the Abacoa Green Market.  Mama had a booth with her friends from Illumbiance.  Of course, I met lots of girls and big doggies, but best of all, my favorite cake lady was next to us!  I picked a Red Velvet cake. Can you see how good it was from these photos?  I'm totally "running on sugar" all day long today!
Christmas was great.  Santa left me lots of boxes.  I learned how to unwrap presents! We all had quality time with each other including the doggies.  See me giving treats to the dogs in my Thomas chair (I got that for my birthday)?
I had many difficult moments.  I think Mama and Dada were tired of playing with me.......

We did fair amount of running around.  Went to the zoo twice, shopping, walks in the neighborhood, and playing t-ball ....and pretending to drive Dada's truck!  I look GOOD~
We went up to Orlando, AGAIN, this time we went to  see Mom and Dad's friends visiting from Oregon.  No complaints from me! We got to spend more time at the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

We took a train to the  petting zoo.

There are lots of boxes piled under our Christmas tree now.  It seems talking with Santa last weekend really helped.  I love boxes!
I heard Mama and Dada talk about the up coming school holiday gift exchange.  They were complaining about $5 gift.  Of course, Mama was tasked to go get the gift....and lucky me, I got to go along!  Mama complained the whole time how difficult it is to find a good $5 gift...and we were already at a discount store!
I'm not complaining since I got a little talking car from Disney's Cars.  I Love shopping!  Check me out, I'm carrying the bag for Mama.

Dada really wanted to go visit Mickey again this weekend!  No complaints from me.  Mama insisted that we had to visit Santa.  Santa was really nice.  He even knew Thomas and Percy!
I saw Goofy, Daisy, Mickey, Mini, Pluto and......Oh, and Nemo!  The Nemo ride was so COOL!

The day after my birthday party, we left for Walt Disney World in Orlando.  Oh boy, was I excited!  
Here's me riding Dumbo. 
A picture with my favorite Disney character, Goofy.  At night we had a blast at Epcot. See me playing the drums.
The next day, we stopped by the Animal Kingdom.  We saw the real elephants, giraffes, and lions!  Very cool.  I was so tired, but so excited, I couldn't sleep much during the day.

It was black Friday and my birthday!  Check out how my parents treated me!  Cake and toys! and more toys!  Dada filled my playroom with 200+ balloons.