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Original instruction was found at the Folding Tree.  This one is definitely a little more challenging than the kleenex flowers.

Here is a next step after the Kleenex flowers. These are the same tissue papers you'll find for wrapping presents.  Also, some sort of wired material like pipe cleaners.  If you're in Japan, we have tissue paper specifically for this application.
This is a perfect Valentine's day craft project.  It is inexpensive and very forgiving if you make mistakes.

I was inspired by Amanda's craft blog post on the Vintage Quote Frame.  So, here's my first try.  Instructions are on Amanda's page.  Now that I know how easy and inexpensive this project is, next time, I'll be sure to capture each step to post.  Doesn't it look lovely next to my paper carnations in a test tube?  For now, I have written Love in Chinese and Japanese characters in preparation for valentine's day. 
Japanese children grow up making paper flowers starting in elementary schools (see link). These are used for school festivals and other events, it is not uncommon to get an assignment to make paper flowers at home.  Believe me, not all Japanese people are good at crafts.  We just get a lot more practice in school!  Now there are some amazing crafters, too. 

Check this blog with beautiful flowers.  I have to try this one next.  
This post is instructions for tissue paper flowers for children.

I saw this ornament kit in the 80% off aisle at Michaels and decided to give it a try.  It looked simple enough at the time. A big mistake!

All you need for this project is ~1 glue stick  and a glue gun per flower.  Notice, I only own a little glue gun.  It is NOT my favorite tool since I always burn myself!  This time was no exception. This kit has enough felt precut petals, 6 base circlular felt pieces, and clear beads for 3 flowers.  Strings are also included.

Here are the basic steps and pictures to go with them.

Here's a fun project.  It uses some sort of acid.  Being a chemist, this is definitely going to be one of the favorite crafting tools.
Material: I bought Martha Stewart Glass Etching Kit by Plaid at Michaels using a 50% off coupon.  It's ~$30, so 50% off helps out  quite a bit.  I also purchased glass paint.