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Japanese children grow up making paper flowers starting in elementary schools (see link). These are used for school festivals and other events, it is not uncommon to get an assignment to make paper flowers at home.  Believe me, not all Japanese people are good at crafts.  We just get a lot more practice in school!  Now there are some amazing crafters, too. 

Check this blog with beautiful flowers.  I have to try this one next.  
This post is instructions for tissue paper flowers for children.
1. Grab 5-10 kleenex tissue and a rubber band.  Ones you get with your veggies would do.
2. Stack the tissue paper and start folding in less than 1 inch width.  I like ~1/2 inch, but for little children it may be easier to do a thicker fold (?).  I like to cut the corners for this one, but it is not necessary.

3. Once folded (Step 2), fold the sheets in half to find the middle to place a rubber band.
5. Open the paper sheets up as shown below.  This step is not always followed by others, but this is how I learned it as a child.  It makes it easier to separate the petals in the next step.  It also helps in shaping the flower.
7. Keep going. It's okay to break a few.  Not a big deal. Notice, more sheets you have the longer it takes.....and flower will look fuller, too.
4. Place the rubber band in the middle of the sheets as shown.  Be sure to make it snug.
6. Separate each sheet and pull it up to the middle.  I recommend not to do one side at a time.  If you pull petal up on the right, then left petal should be pulled up next.
Here's the finished product.
Because this one uses a rubber band, you easily use it as a decoration on your doggies like what I've done here. 

This flower then was used to clean up my 2-year-old's nose.  He had fun pulling the petals.

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