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I saw this ornament kit in the 80% off aisle at Michaels and decided to give it a try.  It looked simple enough at the time. A big mistake!

All you need for this project is ~1 glue stick  and a glue gun per flower.  Notice, I only own a little glue gun.  It is NOT my favorite tool since I always burn myself!  This time was no exception. This kit has enough felt precut petals, 6 base circlular felt pieces, and clear beads for 3 flowers.  Strings are also included.

Here are the basic steps and pictures to go with them.

1. Glue one end of precut felt pieces to make ~34 petals.  Make sure to clue the flat side and not  the pointy side.

2. Glue ~15 petals on a circular piece of precut felt. I found it easier to make a circle with the glue ~1/4 in  away from the edge of the felt circle. Carefully place the petals as shown above.  I may not have left enough room in the middle for this first one.  Smaller first petal circle meant, smaller flower and a little more rounder 3D look....which I  sort of liked better.

3. Put hot glue on the end of petal and place between petals at a slight angle, so that the second circle of petals are slightly tilted to give a little dimension.  Be careful not to touch the glue!  This step is where I burned my fingers! I would put one every 3 petals of first circle.
4. Glue ~3-7 petals vertically in the middle.  As many as you can squeeze in.
5. Place glue in the middle of flowers and drop beads.....if you'd like. I didn't care for this.

Thoughts for improvement: I would make circles of petals by sewing them together first.   This would minimize my exposure to the hot glue.  Tweezer may be helpful.  A better glue gun and a holder.

Final thoughts: This project was harder than I had hoped.

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