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Here is a next step after the Kleenex flowers. These are the same tissue papers you'll find for wrapping presents.  Also, some sort of wired material like pipe cleaners.  If you're in Japan, we have tissue paper specifically for this application.
This is a perfect Valentine's day craft project.  It is inexpensive and very forgiving if you make mistakes.
1. First fold a stack of tissue paper ~10-20 is what I use.  fold the tissue paper in the manner as shown in the photos below. 
2. Fold the (folded) paper in half as shown, so you know where the middle is.
3. Place a pipe cleaner around the center of folded paper.
4. This step is optional. Cut the ends of the paper to make deocrated petals.
5. This is another optional step, which you may find will make the next step easier.  Open up the folds as shown below.
6. Pull each petal up.  I recommend is to go around and pull all sides equally. Keep going until all the petals are pulled up and separated from each another. 
Option A: You can cut the edge differently to try different designs.
Option B: You can place a green sheet at the bottom of stack as shown here.

Try out different color combinations, thickness of paper, thickness of folds, to see the different types of beautiful flowers you can make!

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